Social media fast?

So I feel as though I spend WAY too much time checking twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that I need to take a few steps back from it. Some times I tweet a lot in one day & I don’t even know why lol. I don’t really post status’ as much on Facebook but I still check it all the time. Anyways somebody suggested that I do a social media fast and the time I would spend on social media, spend with God or reading or journaling or just being where I am not tied down to an electronic device. He is planning on doing it for a month so I decided I would do it at least until I return to school for the Spring semester which is about three weeks. I know it’s going to be tough but I’m excited to see what I learn. I’ve deactivated my Facebook before & got nervous that I would miss some crazy big thing so I activated it within a week and I think someone got engaged which is big but nothing that really was of concern, if that makes sense? I’ll still have my phone but I’m going to be cutting way back on texting but not completely because I still need to use it for work stuff & other random things.
Anyways wish me luck?
And prayers are always appreciated as I take this journey!